Barre Horizons Blanche



At the limits of the imagination, reality resurfaces. What is left behind, beings, places, objects, show on the surface to our consciousness. Something remains indelible that water cannot erase. 

This series speaks of renunciation, of camouflage. I watch the wave of greenwashing drop off a film, a veil of good conscience over our waste. I slip my finger between the threads and look through the hole thus created at these places and objects that have been flouted and/or abandoned, « upcycled », brought up to standard. 

Human beings is caught up in a frenzy of repair that he shows he has tried but for which he makes no effort. Everything must disappear under this "new skin". Even the purity of a refuge has become inadmissible because it does not conform. And yet, when one ventures to pierce the shroud, a vivid remnant, of the order of a pure singularity, appears and makes the imperfect triumph.



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